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Cost of consultation


3000 rubles  - general horoscope with the disclosure of the main topics

1500 rubles  - partner compatibility horoscope

1500 rubles  – children's horoscope (for children from 3 years old)

1000 rubles  - disclosure of one topic (the topic of children, the topic of marriage,  career theme, etc.)

3500 rubles  - general horoscope + annual horoscope


1500 rubles  – general horoscope when ordering

on the eve of your  birthday or special promotion


The cost of selecting muhurta  depends on what you choose  time range (you can select a date within  one month - 500 rubles, two months - 1000 rubles, etc.)


Sberbank card: 5469 5500 3026 3534


After paying for the consultation, let us know,

and within a week I will send you  

information on your card.

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