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unique method of self-discovery

Jyotish means "light" in Sanskrit. That Jyotish brings light is not empty words. Jyotish is a card, without which it is dangerous to go out into the sea of life and comprehend the unknown expanses of fate. Jyotish illuminates the path, the only true and individual for everyone, helps not to stumble and not make unnecessary mistakes.


If everyone from childhood was aware of the tasks for the solution of which he was born into the world, if everyone could follow their destiny, if they knew about the laws by which the Universe (macrocosm) lives and, accordingly, every living being (microcosm ), the world would be much more harmonious, friendlier and warmer.

Planets exist not only in space, far from us, but also inside us, because the external always reflects the internal, and vice versa. Every moment we create our own Universe, in which the same laws of order and interconnection operate, with which the Cosmos is permeated. 

Man, unlike other living beings, has a developed mind, therefore life in the human body is not intended to satisfy animal instincts - the mind must open the way to the comprehension of Divine love as the highest goal of existence. Jyotish is a road with signs to help the embodied soul not to stray from the destined path in its quest to reach God.

Jyotish brings us closer to God, taking us beyond the limits of the physical perception of the world, giving us the understanding that, in addition to the material Universe, there are higher powers and other worlds; promotes spiritual development and self-realization, helping to answer the question: “Who am I?”; gives an understanding of the desires of God contained in the natal chart of a person, his karmic tasks and the meaning of his incarnation on Earth; endows with the ability to prevent dangers, using upaya methods - corrective measures to harmonize the influence of the planets.

About me

I am not a magician, I am only learning and will always be just a student, because the Jyotish universe is vast and incomprehensible to the end. Every day of acquaintance with Vedic astrology reveals something new and gives rise to a new mystery. Each natal chart immerses you in meditation and awakens intuition, and most importantly, each card gives you the opportunity to help, because a Vedic astrologer is, first of all, a doctor who can not only make a diagnosis, but also offer the right methods of treatment that do not require money. but only internal deep work on oneself.

My only goal in the study and practice of Vedic astrology is to be useful and to make the one who seeks help a little more reasonable and harmonious.

With love, jyotishvidya.

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