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Questions for consultation


It is important to decide what exactly you expect from the consultation and at what      question you would like to find an answer. Choose topics that interest you  from the list below and formulate your own questions. The more specific the questions are, the more useful the horoscope will be for you.

  1. Health problems (you must list what exactly worries you)

  2. Problems in marriage

  3. Difficulties with childbearing

  4. Compatibility in personal relationships or in business partnerships (maps and consent to their analysis from both partners are required to determine compatibility!)

  5. Karmic tasks in the current incarnation.

  6. Unfulfilled desire of the soul (Atma-karaka)

  7. Choosing a path in a career or study.

  8. Abilities and talents. Talents from a past life.

  9. Spiritual potential and choice of the spiritual path.

  10. Financial savings and ways to make a profit

  11. Choosing a name for a newborn

  12. Definition of prakriti  (innate Ayurvedic constitution)

  13. Selection of muhurta ( auspicious day) : for marriage, for conception, for buying an apartment, for moving, for surgery, etc.

  14. Negative and positive past karma. Karmic path of a past life. Debts, curses or merits of a past incarnation.

  15. Totem animal and ways to interact with it

  16. Determination of the predominant element (earth, water, air, fire) and its influence on the character.  Dominant varna.

  17. Guardian Angel (Ishta Devata) and how to interact with him (only for those engaged in spiritual practice)

  18. Planet of material resources (for spiritual practitioners only)

  19. Ancestral karma

  20. Annual horoscope (drawing up an annual horoscope is possible only after considering  common horoscope  birth; the most favorable time of treatment is a month before the birthday )


Sberbank card:  5469 5500 3026 3534

Tinkoff card:  5536 9138 6394 4209



Fill out an application for a consultation

Sent. Thanks!

Cost of consultation


6500 rubles  - general horoscope with the disclosure of the main topics

2500 rubles  - partner compatibility horoscope

3000 rubles  – children's horoscope (for children from 3 to 14 years old)

2000 rubles  - disclosure of one topic (the topic of children, the topic of marriage, the topic of career, etc.)

1000 rubles  - annual horoscope

5000 rubles  - karmic debts and tasks of the current incarnation + Planet of the Soul

500 rubles  - definition of prakriti


7000 rubles  - general horoscope + annual horoscope


6000 rubles  – general horoscope when ordering  on the eve of your birthday or on a special promotion


The cost of choosing a muhurta depends on the time range you choose (you can choose a date within one month - 1000 rubles, two months - 2000 rubles, etc.)


If you come to an astrologer only to hear that tomorrow or in a year your life will certainly get better and shine with all the colors of happiness and pleasure; or if you just want to know if you will get married soon, how many children you will have, or when your salary will finally be raised, you better turn to a fortune teller. A consultation with an astrologer is not a magic pill. The astrologer studies the map of your soul, your karma and your destiny. Determining the day of your marriage is not my task, but explaining what your difficulties are in building relationships, when there will be favorable periods that will give you the opportunity to start a new relationship, and what you should do to build a successful relationship is what what matters! Measures to improve any situation in life are rooted in your personality and your mind. Of course, I will tell you which stone to wear or which ritual to perform, but it all depends solely on your mood for your own transformation and faith in your own strength. Therefore, you should not shift the responsibility for your life to an astrologer and ask him for advice on whether to leave your husband now or later - this is at least not tactful, but if you look deeper, an astrologer in his desire to help is not obliged to impose a burden on himself your karma. You have free will and always have to make your own choice - which way you go and what kind of life you will have in the future.


I will be happy to help and explain why and why something is happening in your life, what actions in the past incarnation led to what consequences in your current life, but you, in turn, turning to an astrologer, be ready to start deep work on yourself . If you do not have time or desire for this, then it is better to refuse the consultation - it will not bring any benefit to either you or the astrologer, but only, on the contrary, will aggravate karma, because "he who knows a lot, a lot is asked of him."


I wish you responsibility to yourself and your destiny

and striving for inner transformation!

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